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When the hot months of summer kick into high gear, you want to know that your air conditioning can handle the heat. If the answer is no, then a single call to D&M Heating and Air Conditioning will have us on the move to provide a rapid fix to your specific issue. Whether you’re A/C just needs cleaning, repair or replacement, we are here to take care of you.

Our air conditioning services are not limited to repairs and we've helped many in the Danville area make upgrades to more efficient models. Before buying a new AC unit, it makes sense to give us a call for a home visit. We'll assess your needs, help you find the right model, and then make sure you get the best price.

Unlike many things that stop working all of a sudden, a broken AC is usually a gradual process, with the ability to cool becoming less and less each year. If you've noticed your AC struggling to keep your home cool, it's best to call D&M Heating and Air Conditioning as soon as possible to see if it can be repaired before it's too late.

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